GYMatch Inc. is based in Los Angeles, CA.
GYMatch is loved by all types of people because of it's easy navigation and cool gym location features. This APP will allow you to search for new gym buddies, invite your friends from facebook or upload those encouraging instagram images from a hard leg workout day at the gym!

This is a definitely a gym friendly APP which is utilized by any and everyone worldwide and from many different backgrounds. Everyone from Fitness buffs, novice beginners, and mothers, to traveling corporate executives on the go looking for a gym right away can easily use GYMatch!
Please feel free to send us an email and one of our GYMatch representatives will contact you within 24hrs. If this is an emergency and have to do with another user then please utilize the "block" feature (if it falls within the block feature rule) on the APP until we have had some time to review his/her account details.
GYMatch, the highly sought after Fitness & Social Networking app that matches people with like-minded gym-buddies and helps to turn Fitness & Health into a community effort. Find the perfect workout partner in your local area to help you get fit and keep you on track. No matter where you are in the world, the GYMatch Fitness app will help you find the right people to help you stay fit, trim and healthy!
GYMatch got its name by putting two common words together. GYM + MATCH = GYMatch! We wanted to come up with a name that could be easily recognizable no matter where you are in the world. That's the GYMatch way!
The GYMatch APP is free for all iPhone and Android users that want to download it, create a profile and connect with other gym buddies! There is a fee for the "spotlight" services which will allow you to be seen by everyone! Please review our spotlight services link on the website for more details.
GYMatch is a new company in terms of brand building for a mobile APP but our team has many years in the health and fitness industry. This experience has allowed us to come up with the best Social and Fitness features for this amazing APP! We are experts in the fitness industry and created it based on experience with the fitness guru in mind!
Yes, definitely! Please check out our testimonial page!
If you like us and want to share your comments then feel free to share your testimonial too! Your testimonial will appear in rotation on the GYMatch homepage under "Testimonials" for all to see. Just go to "My Profile" and click on "Settings". From here you can add a testimonial which will be sent to our approval dept. before upload!
GYMatch points is a reward based system which "rewards" you for referring any of your family, friends, colleagues or other fitness buddies on the APP. Your cumulative points can earn you "FREE" spotlight face time! Meaning you can be seen by everyone at any given time! For full point impact, just invite all of your family and friends through Facebook by locating the Facebook button on the APP and signing in. Once signed in, just invite them to download the APP! It's just that easy! If your friends are on Instagram then be sure to give them a shout out and let them know to download the APP and then put you down as a referral! MORE points mean MORE face time on Spotlight!

Here's how you do it!

Just look for the "referred by" box and type your family, friend, colleague or gym buddies name in it. As you type there name then their image will populate according to the name given so make sure you have their correct username. Select the correct name/image and POW! Your done! Your account will be credited the appropriate points based on the referral grid. Please check out GYMatch points under "My Profile" for more details on the point grid. Good luck in building points and making new GYMatch friends!
GYM Owners and Trainers can benefit immensely from signing up for a "Spotlight" package as this will increase their visibility to thousands of GYM enthusiasts who would not have known about them beforehand. This immediate exposure can lead to increase sales or "paid" personal training time with a new client locally or internationally. If your GYM is featured as a spotlight holder then it opens you up to being seen by many potential clients such as new clients looking to lose some weight or corporate executives seeking a cool gym while they are away on business. Either way, the exposure of being seen now or for future business is limitless to getting your name and brand out there to the "correct" clientele.
The GYMatch APP will allow you to be seen by everyone thereby increasing your visibility not only to your immediate clientele but new members worldwide. Once a GYM owner registers for a spotlight package then they will have the opportunity to tell the GYM community a little more about themselves, upload images on their trainers, discount promo's and many other cool features. Also their GYM will be linked to the GYM Locator map so if a new member want to train at your facility then the "how do I find or get in touch with you" guess work will already be solved. This is the GYMatch way!